Brain-O Challenge : Weekly Update !


We are excited by the feedback we got so far, and we have many ideas to improve brain-o !

Major improvement : Memory game

The memory game in BrainO has been quite popular, so we decided to improve it and made it more addictive. You can now chain indeterminate amount of rounds once you clear the memory grid, and more grid you clear, more complex the game become, so download the update now, and get to the top of the memory leaderboard !
Before / after :

stale_thumb_102e    stale_thumb_102f


Minor improvement : Color game

We used to confuse player in color game, as two colors at bottom right corner were very similar. Both of them used to look purple-ish, so we changed it to another color.
Before / after :

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-12-05-33-pm     stale_thumb_1033


Fixes :

  • Improved memory game
  • Improved color game
  • Fixed facebook login crash
  • Fixed color game random crashes
  • Fixed minor cosmetics issues on main screen.
  • Fixed french translations.

Brain-O is available for free on the stores :

untitled     en_apple

Weekly updates, stay tuned !

We’ll be adding new games, fix bugs,  and many more exciting stuffs to come.

Don’t miss a bit of it by following braino on facebook and / or twitter ! And please keep sending us feedback  🙂