Brain-O Challenge : Beta version published !



To impulse innovation, at los xamarinos, people are encouraged to work on their personal projects.
Today, we’re proud to announce the beta publication of one of this internally brewed projects : Brain-O !


Overview :

Brain-O is a fun brain training app, helping you to exercise your brain a little every day.

We propose 4 different kinds of exercises to improve your memory, general culture, and mathematical skills, to be done on a daily basis to check your progress over time.

1   minigames-1    minigames-2   minigames-4    features-1

Brain-O is available for free on the stores :

untitled     en_apple


Stay tuned !

This is a beta version, which means, it will improve over time.

We’ll be adding new games, fix bugs, add support for windows, and many more exciting stuffs to come.

Don’t miss a bit of it by following braino on facebook and / or twitter !

Aknowledgments :

We want to thanks everyone at los Xamarinos that worked on this project : Osvi, Cesar, JC, Bocho, Ricky, Tony, Memo.

We also want to thanks Bernardo for the neat job he has done producing fun designs !

Finally, we thank you for downloading our app 😉