Brain-O Challenge : Weekly Update !


We are excited by the feedback we got so far, and we have many ideas to improve brain-o !

Major improvement : Memory game

The memory game in BrainO has been quite popular, so we decided to improve it and made it more addictive. You can now chain indeterminate amount of rounds once you clear the memory grid, and more grid you clear, more complex the game become, so download the update now, and get to the top of the memory leaderboard !
Before / after :

stale_thumb_102e    stale_thumb_102f


Minor improvement : Color game

We used to confuse player in color game, as two colors at bottom right corner were very similar. Both of them used to look purple-ish, so we changed it to another color.
Before / after :

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-12-05-33-pm     stale_thumb_1033


Fixes :

  • Improved memory game
  • Improved color game
  • Fixed facebook login crash
  • Fixed color game random crashes
  • Fixed minor cosmetics issues on main screen.
  • Fixed french translations.

Brain-O is available for free on the stores :

untitled     en_apple

Weekly updates, stay tuned !

We’ll be adding new games, fix bugs,  and many more exciting stuffs to come.

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Brain-O Challenge : Beta version published !



To impulse innovation, at los xamarinos, people are encouraged to work on their personal projects.
Today, we’re proud to announce the beta publication of one of this internally brewed projects : Brain-O !


Overview :

Brain-O is a fun brain training app, helping you to exercise your brain a little every day.

We propose 4 different kinds of exercises to improve your memory, general culture, and mathematical skills, to be done on a daily basis to check your progress over time.

1   minigames-1    minigames-2   minigames-4    features-1

Brain-O is available for free on the stores :

untitled     en_apple


Stay tuned !

This is a beta version, which means, it will improve over time.

We’ll be adding new games, fix bugs, add support for windows, and many more exciting stuffs to come.

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Aknowledgments :

We want to thanks everyone at los Xamarinos that worked on this project : Osvi, Cesar, JC, Bocho, Ricky, Tony, Memo.

We also want to thanks Bernardo for the neat job he has done producing fun designs !

Finally, we thank you for downloading our app 😉

Monthly Meetup : Xamarin Forms SQLite.Net & Xamarin Android Native

The meetup :

Last wednesday, September 7th, we had our third session of our monthly xamarin meetup. This time we went through using SQLite.Net ORM in xamarin forms (just one line of platform specific code), how to define many-to-many and one-to-many relationships. Then we talked about xamarin android native and how easy to translate android java concepts to c#. We also had beers and pizzas, as usual 🙂


Stay tuned :

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Monthly Meetup : MVVM and XAML using Xamarin.Forms

The meetup :

Last wednesday, august 10th, we had our second session of our monthly xamarin meetup, in which we went through MVVM and XAML concepts applied to xamarin forms. It was a three hours presentation and code session, along with pizzas and imported european beers 🙂


Stay tuned :

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Learn xamarin concepts and programming with us !

And have a beer with us too 😉

It’s been a while since we last posted something, but we’ve been busy busy… We are proud to announce we hosted our very first xamarin meetup at our office in Guadalajara this week. Our plan is to do this on a monthly basis, going more into details and advanced xamarin concepts, steps by steps.

Stay tuned

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Los Xamarinos : a new office !


We started the “Los Xamarinos” adventure just one year ago. At the time, it was just Alex and I, doing what we love, xamarin, focused on producing high quality work , in a nice and relax atmosphere.

So far, we’ve been doing well ! Many projects came, many people joined us to be part of the best team ever 🙂 So we’ve been growing, faster than we could expect, which is good, but we started to feel the need for more space. It’s now done !

Show us the stuff !

Here are some pictures of our new office :


Stay tuned

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AdMob Plugin for Xamarin.Forms


While working on our app Braino Challenge , we decided to use Xamarin forms all the way.

One of the cool things when using Xamarin, is the huge amount of nuget packages available, but xamarin forms stills lacks some useful plugins. For example, in our journey to forms, we had to develop a plugin to serve admob ads. The ios nuget package exists, the android one exists too, but what was missing when we started the project was a working abstraction usable in forms with respective implementations.

Our admob plugin is the first one of a serie we are publishing on Github and Nuget to make the life easier to the Xamarin community when it comes to develop forms applications.

How to use it ?

First, download the nuget package we published.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.44.56 AM

Then initialise the plugin in your AppDelegate.cs for iOS of MainActivity for android.

//Register AdBanner Control Renderer
AdBannerRenderer.Init ();
//Initialize Interstitial Manager with a Specific AdMob Key
CrossAdmobManager.Init (Strings.AdMobKey);

To display an interstitial, all you have to do is :

await CrossAdmobManager.Current.Show ();

To display a banner view, all you have to do is :

var myBanner = new AdBanner();
//Set Your AdMob Key
myBanner.AdID = Strings.AdMobKey;

What’s next ?

We are currently preparing release both on github and nuget for several plugins we developed for Braino Challenge, so stay tuned !